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Keith Arrowsmith + The Bank of Dave

From Reality TV to Feel-Good Feature: The "Bank of Dave" Story

The inspirational tale of Dave Fishwick, the working-class millionaire from Burnley who took on the big banks, has captured hearts across the world. But "Bank of Dave" isn't just a recent Netflix hit; it all began with a documentary series on Channel 4.

From Minibus Salesman to Banking Champion

The original "Bank of Dave" series, which aired on the UK's Channel 4 in 2012, followed Dave's audacious dream: establishing a community bank in his hometown. Frustrated by the lack of support for local businesses from established financial institutions, he embarked on a seemingly impossible mission.

The Channel 4 series documented the challenges Fishwick faced, from navigating complex regulations to winning over skeptical investors. Viewers were drawn to his passion, his commitment to Burnley, and his fight for the underdog. Keith Arrowsmith was approached by the TV production company to provide Dave Fishwick with legal advice (on and off camera). Together with a corporate lawyer, Chris Moss, Keith spent the next 180 days working out what would be possible with the time and budget available. Keith and Chris got to the bottom of very complex rules and regulations, and came up with a plan that allowed Dave to operate successfully (and legally).

Lights, Camera, Banking​ Revolution!

Fast forward to 2023, and Fishwick's story gets the Hollywood treatment. The Netflix film "Bank of Dave," starring Rory Kinnear as Dave, takes the documentary's foundation and weaves it into a heartwarming and humorous feature film. Keith is played by the fantastic Joel Fry.

The film expands on the emotional core of the story, highlighting the impact of big banks on everyday people and the importance of community spirit. It's a classic David vs. Goliath tale, but with a distinctly British charm, which captures Dave's spirit perfectly. Let's say if the scriptwriter (Piers Ashworth) had a choice between a good story and the legal truths of the Burnley enterprise, he made all the right decisions. 

A Double Dose of "Bank of Dave" ​Goodness

The beauty of the "Bank of Dave" story is that you can experience it in two ways. For a more grounded perspective, check out the original Channel 4 series. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the real-life struggles and triumphs of Dave's endeavour.

If you're looking for a feel-good cinematic experience, the Netflix film is perfect. It captures the essence of Dave's fight while adding a welcome layer of entertainment value.

More Than Just Banking

"Bank of Dave" is more than just a story about finance. It's about believing in yourself, fighting for what's right, and the power of community. Whether you watch the documentary or the film (or both!), you're sure to be inspired by Dave Fishwick's remarkable journey.

It's not every day the work of a solicitor like Keith ends up getting featured in a film, but his role at ProArtsPlus is all about helping people realise their dreams while making sure they have sound legal advice to make plans into reality.

Bank of Dave - the Musical

Dave announced at the weekend that preparations for stage musical version of the story are well advanced. British actor, Jason Manford, confirmed he is in talks to play Dave. With original music (and perhaps a featured number by Dave's favourite, Def Leppard), and work on the script continuing, other details remain confidential. Any suggestions who should play Keith gratefully received!

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