Our intellectual property services include a range of legal and strategic services aimed at protecting and managing your valuable intellectual property assets. These services include:

  • Trademark Services: Support with trademark searches, filing trademark applications, and managing trademark portfolios to protect brand names, logos, and slogans.
  • Copyright Services: Guidance on copyright licensing agreements, and enforcement of copyright protection for creative works such as books, scripts, music, and software.
  • Trade Secret Protection and Confidentiality: Strategies for safeguarding confidential business information and trade secrets through non-disclosure agreements and other protective measures.
  • Licensing and Commercialisation: Assistance with negotiating licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, and other contracts to monetise intellectual property assets.
  • IP Due Diligence: Conducting intellectual property due diligence reviews for mergers, acquisitions, and investments to assess the value and risks associated with IP assets.
  • IP Strategy and Portfolio Management: Developing customised intellectual property strategies aligned with business goals, including portfolio management, competitive analysis, and risk mitigation.

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