Keith Arrowsmith leads our qualified and experienced team who provide guidance for individuals, businesses, charities and other public and not-for-profit organisations. 

We tailor our approach to match your requirements, and we will deliver our service in a way that suits you, in a professional, confidential manner. We can operate as part of your senior management team, arrange on-site or off-site visits, or make contact with you online. We operate using the latest secure cloud technology and comply with strict codes of practice. 

All of our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.

We can meet to discuss sensitive issues at our offices, and we can arrange to meet elsewhere when a face-to-face meeting is the best way to proceed.

You choose: Legal or business affairs advice

Keith is a solicitor regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (the SRA).  His business, ProArtsPlus Ltd is one of over 130 lawyers who work together at Nexa Law.  You can choose to receive legal or non-legal services. We'll go through the different approaches with you for each project.

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Arts, Crafts, Entertainment & Fashion

We set up this business with the cultural sector in mind. We are proud to have a reputation for providing timely, pragmatic advice to individuals and organisations in the arts, entertainment and fashion industries. We understand the needs, challenges and realities of the sector. We’re friendly, approachable and able to help you with whatever you’re trying to create, achieve or resolve.  

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Charity, Third Sector & Governance

Our advisors provide up-to-date guidance on a range of legal, regulatory and governance issues. We can assist with contracts, mergers, incorporations, registrations, Charity Commission correspondence, lease reviews, fundraising, data protection and intellectual property. We can also assist with disputes. 

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Digital, IT & Data Protection 

Digital law is a fast-developing area and we are confident we have the experience and skills to support you. We can provide guidance on intellectual property rights, defamation and software licences. We can help with data protection, the rules relating to online services and fundraising. 

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Business & Commercial

We advise well established companies as well as emerging social enterprises, businesses and start-ups. We can help you with a range of commercial and corporate issues including incorporation, contracts, shareholder arrangements, investment agreements, and joint ventures. We can create freelancer agreements, partnership deeds and employment contracts. We can also assist with debt recovery and commercial disputes.

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Intellectual Property Rights

Much of the cultural sector relies on the intellectual property rights that protect the work of the creative teams, but any organisation can benefit from copyright, branding, trade marks and design rights. We can help check who owns any intellectual property, make sure you are protected from infringers, and that any relevant registrations are made and maintained. We prepare licence agreements, deal with the transfer and assignment of those rights, and write stern letters if someone doesn't respect your rights.

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Company Secretarial, Policies & Procedures

Good governance sometimes can be found in transparent, consistent processes and procedures.  We can help make sure your records are kept up to date, and that your volunteer trustees are trained and supported. We are experts at creating and amending constitutions, including seeking Charity Commission consent when required. We can attend board meetings, prepare notes and minutes, and if need be, supply the custard cream biscuits.

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